Today I read an article by Rebecca Riley-Cooper – Am I Cisgender?  which was illuminating and confusing.

In it Riley-Cooper argues that she doesn’t want to be defined as either cisgendered or non-binary, even though she acknowledges that other people treat her as a ciswoman and that she feels as a person rather than specifically female.

She argues that she doesn’t have a gender identity at all. I have to confess I thought that’s what non-binary actually meant – to feel neither particularly male nor female (or masculine nor feminine). Granted, this article is from 2014, so perhaps there was a lot less information out back then.

I am wondering if there are a lot more ‘cis’ women out there – and possibly ‘cis’ men too – who are just waiting to realise that non-binary means not having to put yourself in that gender label box that other people do when they see how you look.

You don’t have to pretend that you are into any gender-stereotyped activities – unless you are; and the point is, that it is ok to feel like that! It shouldn’t need saying, but for a lot of Gen Xers out there like me, we got used to the world being a bit shit (discriminatory that is), and we just were supposed to get over it. So it does need saying.

On the other hand, if there are people out there that want to identify as whatever they want, that’s fine with me. Since I’m not looking to date anyone it really isn’t relevant to me what their body is or isn’t and as far as I can tell, it’s none of my damn business.