I didn’t watch QandA last night and once again I wish I had.

http://thenewdaily.com.au/news/2016/07/11/qa-steve-price/ – This article delivers a snippet of what went down.

Essentially each of us are born into a particular human body, and we then have to work out how to be most comfortable in it for the rest of our lives. Yes, our biological body influences who we are and how others treat us, just as what we wear also does – except we cannot take off and replace our bodies.

Nor should we need to.

Gender has been very important for reproduction in the past. Without gender, reproduction would have been random at best. However, can anyone argue, that with our current human population levels on the planet, reproduction is not quite the survival imperative it once was?

So, if you take reproduction out of the picture, then gender becomes about something else.




There have been much more educated minds than mine, identifying all the issues in glorious and disturbing detail.

Only people who have been taught to fear difference from the dominant norm, have any issue at all with non-binary gender-diversity in all its forms. I hope it is recognised that they speak from a place of fear, and that they are given appropriate comfort and support in their recovery.

The gender-diverse fearful may be in dominance now (in some cultures, not all) however the future will view their inevitable diminishing with pity.

(excuse my excessive use of masculinised pronoun in the next paras)

Which is why I pity Steve Price – he can see the proverbial writing on the wall, and he was never prepared for this society. It is unfamiliar, terrifying and threatening to him, and others who think like him. They don’t know what to say, or think anymore, and everything comes out wrong – when it all used to be so right for them.

We can view Steve Price as a symbol of the old world, and all the pain and suffering it reined over – or we can view him as a person, who needs comfort and help. Help to understand the world has changed, but he doesn’t need to be left behind.